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SignUp Genius - Volunteers Needed

Click on the links below to volunteer and help out when needed throughout the season - including double session lunches, donating baked goods and bottled water and helping to serve pre-game meals on Fridays.  The players appreciate the support from the parents!!    

A link to the Parkland School District Volunteer Clearance website is also included below (clearances are valid for 5 years).

Volunteer Clearances

Click on this link to view information about getting your volunteer clearances completed if you plan on helping with double session lunches or Friday pre-game meals.

2019 Concession Stand Help Needed

Please sign up your family for 2 games for the 2019 season. Each family member will earn $25.00 towards your fundraising goal for the season. Volunteers must be 18 years old at least. NO clearances needed. Come join the FUN!

Program book sales and Raffle sale

Trojan fans of any player level are asked to sell program book and raffle tickets. Program books sold through middle of first quarter at entrance gates. Raffle tickets can be sold at gates and throug the stands till end of second quarter. $25.00 for parent and player each towards fundraising goal!

Friday Night Varsity team pre-game dinners!  Volunteers need to have clearances on file with school district. Volunteers will help set up food, serve food and clean-up! Arrive 3 pm through main entrance of school and sign in.  Usually done by 4:30 at the latest. 

Freshman Food for games

Please sign up to donate food for freshman games. Follow drop off time listed by specific game due to bus departures times can be different.

Please sign up to bring food for players.  Drop off time for each game is listed please follow.  Thanks

Thursday Varsity Team Dinners

Thursday team dinners are a wonderful Parkland football tradition! Any player who suits Varsity is welcome to attend! Underclassman are asked to donate water and desserts.

Varsity Thursday Team dinner locations. Parents are invited to attend and help serve.  Underclassman families are asked to donate water and desserts.