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News from the booster club

Again we would like to extend a welcome to all your parents and fans to come to Tailgaters on Saturday night.

It can be a fun meeting place for your fans as they come to town.

Also as part of our post game we have Shaun Lally a Parkland grad entertaining from 8-11pm.

Emails from the booster club going into your SPAM folder?

If the Gridiron emails are not coming to your Inbox because the sender is "no-reply", follow one (or all) of the 3 solutions below to help you receive the emails to your Inbox.  The subject line for the Gridiron emails will always start with the word GRIDIRON so you will know that the email is from the booster club.

  • Access at least one of the messages from the 'Spam' folder and mark it as 'Safe'
  • Move the message to your Inbox
  • Add the sending address as a contact

SportNgin suggests doing all 3 of these solutions and hopefully that will prevent future emails from landing in your Spam folder.

Thank you!